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'Days of Communism' - City Tour Details

This specialist guided tour of Bucharest centre concentrates on the recent history of the communist regime, which took hold in Romania in December 1947 and lasted untill the bloody revoloution of Christmas, 1989.

Learn about life under Nicolae Ceausescu, how I was sworn in allegience to the great leader and his tyrannical wife, as one of Romanias 'Pioneers', Taught to load and fire an AK-74 assault rifle, (while at high school) and lived only a few miles from the heart of the uprising in Revoloution Square..

Places of interest visited on this tour include -

 Revolution Square
 The Memorial of Rebirth
 Statue of Iuliu Maniu and Cornelui Coposu
 The Former Communist Party Central Committee
 The Great Concert Hall
 University Square
 Intercontinental Hotel and National Theatre
 Dambovita River and Manuc's Inn
 Unirii Square and Unirii Shop buildings
 Boulevard of Socialist Victory
 Unirii Fountains
 Constitution square
 Palace of Parliament

Please e-mail for details of this specialist tour of Bucharest, which can also include a visit to the newly refurbished grave of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, shot on Christmas Day 1989.

Add entry to the Palace of Parliament with 1 hour interior tour and views from the balcony. - 9 per person. (Passport required for entry).

Free Hotel Meeting Available.

Please Email/ phone in advance, or book on-line with Viator/Trip Advisor if you wish to join this guided tour of Bucharest city centre.

Full Day Tour Guide Hire - from 49.00 (2 persons) also available.

Organised tours / Bus tours welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you.

  Claire Alina - Registered Tour guide.
Bucharest Guided Tours Communist Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
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Bucharest Guided Tours Full Day Tour
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