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Bucharest Mini City Tour Details

Our tour begins at the popular University Square.
Taking in Coltea Church and Coltea Hospital,
the statue of Mihail Cantacuzinoand King Carol the First.
We move on to the spectacular Intercontinental Bucharest Building, which has a very interesting and politicaly diverse history!

We then pass Kretzulescu Church, a fine example of Brâncovenesc style architecture, built in 1722, surviving Turkish occupation, two world wars, being marked for demolition by Ceausescu and the 1977 Earthquake!
This building now stands proud in the heart of Bucharest as a symbol of the dedication and resilience of the Orthadox Christian Community of Romania.

Next we have Revolution Square.
Here we learn about the 1989 Revolution, see where it all happened, where Nicolae Ceausescu's Communist Romania fell when he and his wife fled by helicopter on December 22, 1989.

Antheneum Palace
Possibly Bucharest's most popular building, this exquisite concert hall was built in 1888 in the Neo classical french style of the era.
Surrounded by beautiful gardens and statues, this building is seen yearly, as the location of the live transmission for the 'results of the Romanian Jury' during the Eurovision Song Contest!

Our Mini Tour costs €10 per person with group discounts (4 or more) avaliable. This covers the complete 60 min tour of Bucharests most beautiful and interesting locations.

Add entry and 1 hour Guided Tour of Atheneum Palace. - €9 per person.
(Entry times restricted email for availablity)

Bus tours welcome. Please Email to enqiure/book, or click on the Trip advisor button above, or call 0040 742 600 164.
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours City Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours Communism Tour
Bucharest Guided Tours Communism Tour
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